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E jibane jadi tomare harai Ki niye dharai rahibo Ghume jagarane tibra bedane Ashru sagare dubibo Translation: In this lifetime, if once I lose You, Then with what shall I be able To continue my life? In my wakeful hours and in my sleep, With excruciating pangs, I shall drown in the sea Of my heart-tears. SRI CHINMOY.
Kotha tumi bahudin Moder hriday bin Nahi baje priya ar Eso phire arbar Tomar amar bani Habena byartha jani Eso phire eso phire Taba tanu mandire Translation: Where have you been for such a long time? The violin of my heart does not Produce any tune. O, do come back once more. Your Message and my message Will bear fruit.We shall not fail each other. O my soul, come back, come back, To the temple of your body. SRI CHINMOY Song in: Pole-Star Promise-Light, Part 2
Rajanir buke snigdha prabhat alo Manda gahane rayeche gopane bhalo Mara tanu majhe amar atma hase Kuruper prane aruper rup bhase Translation: Inside the heart of night I see The dawn of light. Inside the heart of the undivine, in secret, Looms large the Life-Light of the Divine. Inside a mortal frame smiles The immortal soul. Inside teeming ugliness floats The Beauty unparalleled. SRI CHINMOY Song in: Pole-Star Promise-Light, Part 4
Nutan jiban kari abahan Deba jibaner kari aradhan Eso go prakhar komanal shikha Jadi taha mor thake bhalo likha Asha ankur karaho biloy Ek matra chahi tomar bijoy Eso sangram eso mahajoy Maraner ar nahi kari bhoy Eso go dibya jiban Deba jibaner kari aradhan SRI CHINMOY Song in: Illumination-Song and Liberation-Dance, part 8
Nutan jiban kari abahan Debo jibaner kari aradhan Eso aji eso homanal shikha Jadi taba thake mor bhale likha Asha mukut paraha biloy Shudhu chahi ami tomar bijoy Eso sangram eso he abhoy Maranere ar nahi kari bhoy Naba jibaner karo aradhan SRI CHINMOY Song in: Journey's Ecstasy
Ami sakal jiber asha Bishwa prabhur bhalobasa Tar swapane ami gara Amar swarga amar dhara Mor chetanar pran gabhire Bishwa jayir bhasha Taito he thai amar sathe Bishwa prabhur asa SRI CHINMOY
Purna kariya ditechi sampiya Shunya kariya patra Jatabar dhali nahi hoi khali Britha chesta matra Ogo narayan shuna nibedan Ahanger sima rekha Dhuye muche diye nirmal kare Antare dao dekha Translation: I have been trying to empty my inner vessel. No matter how hard I try, I fail. O Lord Supreme, my soulful appeal: Obliterate my ego-life and make me pure For Your Arrival supreme. SRI CHINMOY Song in: Supreme, Teach Me How to Surrender
Tomari name phute je phul Kande pran kare akul Tomari name phute je phul Jatani gente enechi mala Kache jete je ar parina Ami je ar kichu janina Sri Chinmoy Song in: Illumination-Song and Liberation-Dance, Part 6
Basundhara tomai bhalobasi Toamr tare kusum rashi rashi Enechi aj sakal bela tule Parab bale tomar kalo chule Haschho bujhi cheye amar pane Sajabo shune tomare taba dane My beloved,i love you. For you i have brought A few beautiful flowers That i have collected early in the morning. I wish to adore you with these flowers. Ah, you are smiling at me because you know That these flowers actually belong to you. I am decorating you with your own gifts. Sri Chinmoy from: Pole-Star Promise-Light(part3) song #2
Kare rakhi dure Kare rakhi kache janina Jani shudhu hai Param pitare manina Some I keep far away, While others I keep very close. I do not know why. Alas, I only know that I do not obey My Father Lord Supreme. Sri Chinmoy Song in: Eso Eso Prabhu, Part 1 Bhakti halo mukti duar Bhakti debe prather sandhan Bhakti diye mile bhagaban Bhakti mahagyan Bina bhakti nahi mukti Bhakti nahi mane jukti Bhakti bhagaban pane Khule rakhe hriday duar The door of Liberation is open only to those Who are endowed with devotion. The Lord Supreme grants him a free access Who has grown into divine devotion. It is our devotion that always keeps A seat reserved for its Beloved Supreme. Sri Chinmoy Song in: Illumination-Song and Liberation-Dance, Part 7
Ei jibaner mahanander halo aji puta bhor Aloker sathe mitali karechhi nahi ar ama ghor Asha sindhur parapare heri turiya dhamer tari Hriday gabhire arun charane bandini sharbari Today the hallowed hour of Highest Delight has dawned in this life. Today I have made friends with the Light of the Supreme. Darkness no more, darkness nowhere. Beyond the river of hope I see the Boat of the Transcendental Realm. The night of aeons is captured And its surrender is made in the deepest depths of my heart, At the feet of my inner sun. Sri Chinmoy Song in: Garden of Love-Light, The (Part 2)
Amar jiban majhare Neharite chai amar param pitare Amar jiban majhare Khuli jena twara Kritagyatar adhare Sri Chinmoy Song in: Journey's Goal, Part 3




released April 13, 2016

Duradarshinee, vocals,harmonium,conch,digital tanpura.
Virendra, drums,percussion,conch ,recitation.


all rights reserved



Duradarshinee New York, New York

Duradarshinee has been a disciple of Sri Chinmoy since 1999. She sang for The Master in many concerts around the world.
she is accompanied by her husband Virendra on drums who has been a disciple of Sri Chinmoy since 1975.

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